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Questions Over Value Of New Antibiotics To Tackle Resistance | Eurekalert! Science News

mrsa infection images

In wake of MRSA infection, Lakeland Regional is looking to prevent future cases - News - NorthJersey.com

He points out that three of the five new antibiotics were approved for skin infections, yet there are already over 30 other drugs approved for these conditions, including treatment for MRSA infections. Still, both industry and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) argue that the new drugs are tackling the problem of antimicrobial resistance, pointing to the fact that the drugs are approved to treat MRSA infections. So, if the drugs don't directly deal with antibiotic resistance, what about providing additional treatment options for "serious or life threatening infections," as defined in the QIDP regulations, asks Doshi?
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Unconfirmed case of MRSA at Lakeland prompts officials to do early spring cleaning - Community News - NorthJersey.com

"We called all the players in and put everyone to work on how we were going to address the issue," he said. Because the affected individual is known to have used Lakelands weight room recently, the administration is taking extra measures in that area of the school. "We closed the weight room and wiped everything down twice," Mooney said. "A few teachers asked us to go over their classrooms thoroughly and weve done that, too." Ringwood and Wanaque health officer Christopher Chapman said that one of his inspectors met with school officials and Wanaque public health nurse Bernadette McDavitt on Thursday morning. He expressed confidence in the steps taken by the administration in preventing the infection from spreading. "They have a set of procedures in place and they are following them," Chapman said.
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Lakeland Regional High School contends with possible MRSA case | NJ.com

Mooney alerted the school board about the situation at last Tuesday's meeting and met on Wednesday morning with the high school nurse, principal, athletic director and other staff to discuss steps to take. They closed the gym, because the infected download person had been there, and sanitized it, as well as desks, doorknobs and other surfaces throughout the school. The infected person was barred from returning until receiving clearance from a doctor. We don't even know if it came from here, of course, Mooney said. The district notified parents with a reverse 911 call and by posting information on the district website, letting them know the person would not return to school without a doctors OK. The website also included the Centers for Disease Control's guidelines for MRSA, which technically is known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. That's really all that could be done, Chapman said.
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"It's not confirmed to be MRSA, but we are erring on the side of caution," Mooney said. Local residents were alerted to the situation at Lakeland with a reverse 911 call that went out on Thursday morning, March 19. At the same time, Principal Matt Certo posted a statement on the Lakeland website detailing the procedures being taken to prevent the spread of infection. "The school wants to take every precaution to protect everyone," Certo wrote. "All desks, bathrooms, locks, water mrsa carrier precautions fountains, and door handles will be fully cleaned and sanitized." Certo's statement asked community members to wash their hands frequently and to seek medical attention for a wound that was not healing quickly.
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Results due on possible MRSA case in Wanaque - Education - NorthJersey.com

It can spread through direct contact with an infected wound or through sharing personal items like towels or razors that have touched infected skin. People in crowded environments who share equipment, like athletes or hospital patients, are particularly vulnerable. The number of cases involving children is on the rise, but it's unclear why, CDC officials have said. The school weight room has been closed for cleaning, Certo said. The school is cleaning all desks, bathrooms, lockers, water fountains and door handles.
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